Hi, we're Solver

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Our solution captures equipment information like location, model, serial number, contact person, etc. thereby enabling customers to give accurate service requests to service providers.

Built on passion and ingenuity

We are passionate about effective service delivery, and we designed Solver to enable Customers to log accurate requests, and for Service Providers to react based on accurate information.

In the process of capturing all the device data like model, serial number, location and more, you are also creating a handy Inventory of all your devices for easy reference.

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What makes Solver different?

Enhanced Response

Enhanced response times are achieved by providing service suppliers with accurate equipment information such as device make, model, serial number, location, customer contact and any special instructions.Technical response personnel can then easily locate equipment and carry out the requested tasks thus increasing equipment up-time.

Consumable management

Customers can log on to Solver and order consumables with a simple click, no need to fill in lengthy web-based forms to provide equipment details with every order. Solver has all the delivery details pre-loaded to ensure consumables get delivered to the appointed individual in the correct department at the right location.

Service History Tracking

Solver keeps a detailed, per device trail of maintenance- & consumable requests that's visible to both the supplier and customer. This assists you to track equipment behavior such as consumables not attaining yields, or repeat service requests for the same issue. Once identified, unwanted behavior can be proactively addressed to effect increased customer uptime and enhanced equipment profitability.