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Solver is a cloud-based SaaS Maintenance Management solution that puts your customers in charge of equipment- and fleet management requests (also known as a Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS).

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User friendly login system

With an easy to use login system, Solver allows customers access to their equipment’s maintenance management profile, as well as a history of previous calls logged. Solver eliminates the need to fill out lengthy forms when customers log maintenance requests, with easy to navigate pre-defined options to choose from.

Web Based 

With Solver you can access comprehensive equipment information, request maintenance or consumables and access device history from any device, any place, and at any time. Facilities Managers can free themselves from stationary service desk solutions by reporting requests when identified, on-site at any location.   

Enhanced Response

Enhanced response times are achieved by providing service providers with accurate equipment information such as make, model, serial number, location, customer contact and any special instructions. Technical response personnel can then easily locate equipment and carry out the requested tasks, thus increasing equipment up-time.

Consumable management

Customers can log on to Solver and order consumables with a simple click; no need to fill in lengthy web-forms to provide equipment details with every order. Solver has all the delivery details pre-loaded to ensure consumables get delivered to the appointed individual, in the correct department, at the right location.

Why Solver?

Unlike most maintenance management systems, Solver was developed to enhance your customer’s experience when maintenance or intervention on a device is required. Solver provides your customers a secure login with easy access to a dashboard that lists all their equipment. Solver makes it easy for customers to let you know when they need you, where they need your services, on what product, and who to talk to.   


No more need for traditional systems like lengthy web-based forms.

No more holding on for service controllers at call-centers or sending incomplete emails with service requests. 

Solver is all you need.


With Solver you get accurate data from your customers when they log maintenance requests.
This allows for better planning, rapid deployment of technical staff and effortless locating of devices on sites.
In summary, Solver increases up-time, ROI and profits for you and you customer.

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